Behind Memory

Chorégraphe pour Dance in Art (Pays-bas)

Introduction de la pièce :

I remember her parfum, the smell of the food cooking in the kitchen, lilac in the garden, shampoo in the yellow bottle, soap in the blue.

I remember when we used to play in the park, her telling us to be in before it gets dark.

Games we played, fights we had, jokes we made and that song… The melody we sang.

Why does it seem so far but still so near? Different directions brought us here.

Close your eyes, do you recognize them, those strong memories of the past ? Are you stuck there, building on it or moving forward?

What do we leave behind us ?

Behind Memory – The story of three women

Aux Pays-Bas en tant que danseuse, j’ai participé à la création de “Festiv’Art”, un festival mêlant musique, art visuel et danse. 

C’est pour cet évènement que j’ai créé “Behind Memory” un trio dansé par la compagnie professionnelle Dance in Art.